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"It's Personal"
Sweet Dream Babette

Head mold: Sweet Dream Babette
Skin color: White
Body: MPD01, cast hoof shoes
In a private collection.
I wanted to make a doll like this as long as I can remember. Usually I'm avoiding making dolls that are so personal, because it's hard to part with them. I prefer to make them blank and give the opportunity of creating doll's personality to the owner. But sometimes you just have to make a doll that's 100% you, and this was the main idea for this SD Babette.
I chose this head mold, because lots of people are telling me that when I smile I look just like her. It's something in her eyes they say. I never considered my dolls similar to me, for sure never sculpted them to look like me but if so many people see similarities, there must be something about it. So it was simple, I knew from the beginning which doll to make my special.
I was looking for a fabric for her dress for a long time, but couldn't find anything that was perfect. I needed something delicate and ethereal, plus, I was sure that this doll will be wearing something white. Only after visiting every fabric shop in my city and every web shop I know, I realized, that the perfect fabric was all this time in my very own closet. It was my wedding dress, hanging there looking sad and forgotten. It was a perfect opportunity to give this dress second life, make it important again. It was a hard decision to cut it, but it was worth it. Looking at Babette in this dress, with shoes the same color as my wedding shoes I felt so happy. I thought that after going so far in making this doll personal I should take one more, final step. As hair are one of the most important aspect of every doll I make, I had to make it unforgettable. I love to touch dolls hair and I'm always very strict about quality. I spend long time wondering, how the hair of this doll should look. I couldn't make it less important then her dress. The decision again was simple – just to cut my own hair and make a wig with it. I feel, that this doll is as me as a doll can be. She's all I've always dreamed about while collecting and creating dolls – my own, individual, perfect doll. Just the way I wanted.
Dress made in french lace, cut from artist's wedding dress. Handmade embroidery, with batiste underskirt. Hair piece made of felt, handmade embroidery in colorful stripes with puff's on the side. Hand painted face, manicure and shoes. Glass eyes, handmade wig, made of artist's own hair.
Flat feet available on request – free of charge. Make-up can be repainted in case of damage.
One of a kind doll.