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17th of March, 2011

Marti Presents Dolls for Japan

Dear Friends

I was really terrified hearing of earthquake and Tsunami in Japan. For past few days I'm glued to TV info channel and I can't believe the horror that is happening in front of my eyes.

I'm really sad, because I have many friends in Japan and for many days I was so worried about them and even though they're safe now, I don't know what will the future bring. I'm doing my best to help, and you can help too.

I'm putting Marti Presents Doll on eBay auction and all money earned from selling this doll will be donated to Japanese Red Cross to help people who suffered during earthquake and tsunami. This doll was designed and made by me and is a part of my private doll collection. Now you have a chance to own a doll that wasn't made for sale and is one of a kind.

It'll be a special doll out of the 100 limited edition dedicated to all who died, lost their families and friends during the Tsunami. She'll be number "000" Palageya Anushka with make-up by my dear friend Shaiel. Doll is nude with make-up as below. Doll will be shipped by EMS.

eBay Listing number is 270721672612

I hope that together we can help at least a little.

Thank you for your support.

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