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10th of April, 2011

Make Your Own Marti Presents Doll kits available for order!

Being able to give my customers a tool for creating their dreamed doll was always my main purpose. The kit includes all doll's parts and extra high heel part. You’ll receive your doll right after cast. I think that sanding her and putting together is an amazing experience. I've always wanted to give my customers opportunity to create they own dreamed doll with my help. By offering doll kits to make a doll becomes more creative than ever before. In the kit you'll get also strings for your doll, "s" hooks and magnets needed to close the head cap.
Please remember, that my dolls are made in silicon forms and it's a fragile material. That's why a casts often comes with some extra material, little scratches and so on. Sometimes there are parts that need to be cut off or drill. All of this takes some time and experience, but isn't too hard to do. It's also a lots of fun.

To finish your doll you'll need:
- sandpaper (220, 400, 1000, 2000, wet use)
- paper knife
- different files (round and flat one)
- pliers
- soft wire for doll stringing

You may also use:
- rotary tool, like Dremel, etc.

Soon I'll make a tutorial about finishing your Marti Presents Doll.

Please don't be scared to finish your doll. Even if you'll break something by accident (though it's really hard to) there are replacement parts available for order(*). Your have to remember, though, that color may be a little different and price depends of the part.

The price of the kit (including doll, extra heels, elastic, "s" hock, wooden box) is 500$ + shipping cost. Shipping in Europe would be 60$ and Worldwide – 85$.

You can order:
- Babette kit (100 piece limited)
- Rin Sakurako kit (100 piece limited)
- Palageya Anushka kit (100 piece limited)

Photos will be available this week, but the kit can be ordered from now on!

(*) To order replacement part, you'll need to send a broken one back. Color may be a little different. The price depends of the part you wish to order.
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