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3rd of August, 2011

Marti Presents "Make your Own MP Doll" line is being suspended

After only a short period of availability, I've decided to suspend my
"Make your own" line of dolls. I prefer to have more control over my
dolls quality, and it's impossible without finishing them myself. For
those who wanted to own a "MyO" doll, I'm giving last opportunity. For
one last week (until 10.08.2011) I'll be taking orders for kit dolls-
Babette, Rin Sakurako and Palageya Anushka. After that the line will
be closed and I have no plans to restore it in it's current form.

Thank you for your kind support and love for my dolls. I hope that I
can bring you even more joy in the future. The standard line dolls are
available in stock.

Thank you

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Name: Marti/ Date: 2011-08-03 16:33
yes, 10.08... sorry!
Name: Kura/ Date: 2011-08-03 16:25
Till 10th of August, meaning 10.08 fcourse? :3