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8th of September, 2011

It's raining again in Warsaw and I have hard time working. I just
hate days like this, when I can do nothing (except new design,
shoe making and dress/accessories sewing, but that's not most
important at the moment!)! I hope that the
weather will be better soon, as I have new dolls and resin colors to
test! Looking at the forecasts I have 2 days of vacations and then
back to work!

Currently I'm working on LDoll (Lyon doll convention) BJD's. I have
many plans on dolls I want to show, but we'll see what I'll be able
to make. Also, I have a new resin from some time, so all dolls that
you haven't received yet will be made out of it. It's a little pale
compared to my old resin, but it's so smooth, delicate and
beautiful, that the change was a good idea for sure. I'm a little
crazy about quality of my dolls, so I'm really happy with my work
right now. I'm working on some fantasy color dolls... gray, maybe
violet and white for sure. The new resin weights less than my old
one, that was a surprise. I thing it's good change, as my dolls were
really heavy and taking them outside was hard for me.

Also I have finished new shoe-leg part for my dolls. At first I
wanted it (along with a big bust part) to be Akie Sakurako
exclusive, but I haven't decided on it yet. The shoes look a little
like new Prada and I love them so much! Would like to have them in
human size.

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