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21st of September, 2011

I love to watch other people's workplaces. There is something magical and mystical in a place where you create new ideas and make them true. I consider it a honor when someone invites me to his working space. It's amazing how much you can learn about the person, their routines, and creation process just by looking at the workshop. I love to touch, to feel and just breath the atmosphere of hard work. This is why I love to visit my academy of art, even after graduation. It's buzzing with joy, ideas and it's pumping me with energy every time I'm there.


I usually have a mess in my workshop. That's because after cleaning up I can't find anything for weeks. This is how it looks at the end of the week, before I'll drag myself to clean a little. On a normal day I'm just too tired to be bothered by this mess. Besides, in a gross way, it's kind of cozy there. I like all the broken stuff, old projects and wasted casts. They remind me of my failures and mistakes, but also of a long way I went through. They help to work even harder on future dolls.

I never trusted workshops that are tidy. I have no idea how someone can create while thinking of rubbing the dust off at the same time. Maybe they do have cleaning service? But then, I would never allow any stranger go to my WS and touch my things in there. This is just too private.

This is not all my working space, there is much more in another room, but this is my daily place of working on your dolls. As you can see I have 2 chairs and 2 stools (though only one is on the photo). People usually ask my why I need all of those. It's simple - each one is different in high. For certain work's I need my chair to be a little higher or lower, and changing it all the time is just frustrating. Plus, they are useful when I got visitors.

My workplace is a perfect size at the moment, as I can grab anything I need without getting up.

There is a pressure pot at the table which I'm using for small cast. The rest is in my other room. On the wall (No. 1) you can see rest of the resin that exploded in my workshop a couple days ago. It covered everything including myself and I've learned my lesson about pressure. Number 2 is a photo by my favorite make-up artist Shaiel (I have several more hanging here and there). Love to look at it when I'm tired. No. 3 is a "wall of shame" which includes all my broken cast. It's a valuable reminder. I have more of those in the boxes on your left. No. 4 is where I keep my casts and No. 5 is where I put all dolls in progress. It's covered with towel to avoid sunlight. Finally, No. 6 is where my dog, Neska, usually lays during daytime. Sometimes she tries to climb on my lap - even after so many years she can't understand how hard is to work while holding her. But we are trying to sort it out! :)
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Name: Marti/ Date: 2014-02-27 08:58
Hello Keiko. No problem with your post. Thanks for nice words. :)
Name: Keiko/ Date: 2014-02-25 23:22
I hope you do not mind but I posted this on my blog. ;3; I love learning about others work spaces and how they work. I gave 100% proper credit and all. You can see below and keep up the wonderful work!
Name: Julianne/ Date: 2011-09-29 05:48
I see the job of the creative person!
it's as clear to me:) I made my way to my office, stepping over boxes
sometimes I even forget - that in them is. But I know - all this can come in handy someday. my family not understand This )))
I lovingly call it - "an artistic mess"
Name: Mon/ Date: 2011-09-29 01:38
I feel the same way about workspaces. I can't keep them clean, that's time I could be spent working on something! I usually allow a little bit of time one day every month to sort through my mess and clean up some of it.