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10th of February, 2013

Hello ,

Marti Presents is finally working again. It took us some time to
rebuild this page, but I'm so happy with how it works now. There are
lot's of news!

First, new body for 1/3 dolls. I've changed a lot in this sculpt,
adding double joints and new hands for better posing and gentler look.

First order for new body will be with Babette head mold (un-scared) in
white and normal skin. She also has new high-heels. Her price is 880$.



Then, I have brand new doll- Tiny Miukini. She's 14 cm. tall with
double joints and extra high heel part. Available in white and normal
skin. Her price is 250$.


Both dolls can be shipped within 2 weeks after receiving payment.

Also, there is new head mold in my collection- Sweet Dream Rin Sakurako. Hope you'll like her!

Please visit galleries on your right to see those dolls.

Soon I'll add even more photos!

Thank you for visiting and for your support!
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Name: Sam/ Date: 2013-02-10 20:09
Miukini is darling! & I love the new body :)