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"Tokyo Story"
Akie Sakurako

Head mold: Akie Sakurako
Skin color: Normal
Body: MPD01, bare feet
In a private collection.
For several years I've been learning tea ceremony and wearing a kimono is a part of this art. Wearing it it's hard and I know only few western women that can make it look natural on them. Putting a kimono on doll is even harder, if you want it to look as it should. I love it on traditional Japanese dolls, but mine aren't made in Japan. So Akie is wearing her kimono in kind of sexy, western stylized way. I didn't want her to be a make-believe Japanese doll. I wanted her to be a doll made in Poland as a tribute to the country I love.
As some of you may know I'm in love with Japan, especially Tokyo. I feel it's my place in this world and my wish is to live there all my life. Akie Sakurako, being Japanese is a perfect head mold to express my love for Japan. Making her a kimono doll was an obvious decision.
Silk kimono, kanzashi hair ornament, hand made mohair wig, glass eyes, bare feet.
High heel feet available on request – free of charge. Make-up can be repainted in case of damage.
One of a kind doll.